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Whether you're a business owner, executive, or an artist, having a sharp and professional look is important. To consistently keep your beard and mustache looking good, visit JB's Scitico Barbershop in Enfield, CT right away.

  • Classic and modern designs

  • Regular trims

  • Beard line-ups

  • Top-of-the-line beard care products

  • Mustache trims and more!

While you're getting your beard trimmed with us, also get a haircut for you and your kids.

Get our barbers to trim your beard and mustache for a consistent and clean look.

The biggest reason for our success is our dedication to customer satisfaction. To that end, you get discounts if you're a senior citizen or military personnel. You also get FREE consultations from us.

If you live in or around Enfield, drop in for a beard and mustache trimming service and get a complimentary beer! Visit us or call 860-749-6305 to talk to our barbers.

To learn more about our discounts, call us at:

Beard and Mustache Trimming

Designs and styles of all types

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