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If you're not sure what to do about your child's hair, you can get a FREE consultation from us. To learn more, visit us or call 860-749-6305 today.

Unlike adults, most children are impatient or terrified of haircuts and can turn the whole process into a nightmare! At JB's Scitico Barbershop in Enfield, CT, our barbers have over 10 years of experience in cutting and styling hair for kids.

  • Cuts and trims

  • Special designs, sports numbers, logos, and fades

  • Styling services

  • Classic and modern styles

Enjoy a complimentary beer while your child is getting a haircut done by our professional barbers.

Make your child's haircut experience

a memorable one!

We absolutely love kids and have the expertise to handle them in a safe and friendly environment. To make them feel special, we also provide a certificate during their first haircut!

To learn more about what we can do for your kid, call us at:

Haircut Services for Kids in Enfield, CT

Extensive haircut services

Special care for your child

Visit us for a FREE consultation